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Use the force Luke!

The following paragraph is from the growisofs man page

There are several undocumented options commonly denoted with -use-the-force-luke prefix. Some of them serve debugging purposes. Some require certain knowledge about recording process or even OS kernel internals and as being such can induce confusing behaviour. Some are to be used in very specific situations better recognized by front-ends or automated scripts. Rationale behind leaving these options undocumented is that those few users who would actually need to use them directly can as well consult the source code or obtain specific instructions elsewhere.

The number of the day: 13

Julia, my dance partner, and I went to Finsterwalde to participate in a dance contest today. We got the number 13. There was only one competitor and the contest manager had to cancel the contest because two of four pairs, who subscribed to this contest, just canceled today. There is a minimum of 3 participants. We drove the long way from Berlin to Finsterwalde to get the message that there are not enough participants – I wanted everything but this! After a small talk to the manager he agreed in allowing the youth group to participate in this contest too. They already had a contest but two of five pairs from the youth group joined the main group where Julia and I belong to. At this Point – 30 min. later than announced – we were enough pairs – four – to make a contest. In the one and only final round the youth and main group got their own scoring. we got the first place in the main group, a rose for Julia and a small present. This was the fifth and last placement we needed for upgrading to the B class. After this “warming up” we realy needed a “cooling down” break. We participated also in the B class contest and got – as expected – the 7th place of 7 pairs – but this doesn’t matter.

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