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Are you lost in your own mind map?

Let’s take another one from WikiMindMap! As an example – I used it to create a map about the term “Domain-specific Language”…

WikiMindMap - Domain-specific Language

WikiMindMap uses the content from a language-specific (en, de, fr, …) Wikipedia to generate a FreeMind map which is displayed online. Genius!


At least the flowers on the balcony have been copied and pasted with translation.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

The question is not ‘Is a picture worth a thousand words?’, but
‘Does a given picture convey the same thousand words to all viewers?’

by Marian Petre in Why looking isn’t always seeing

MDSD talks

There will will be two talks about MDSD at the TFH Berlin on the 18th April. Both talks – one about using MDSD as productivity gain with the dynamic framework Grails and the other about a Lego Mindstorms NXT (which I have already seen during the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg) – are very interesting.

See you there!

xtext with external references

I have just seen, that by now xText supports external references out of the box. This is a long awaited and really useful feature. Thanks a lot.


I am currently diving into the secrets of GMF - and it's cool

Do you see the difference?

Do you see the difference between the following two pictures?

Pict 1 Pict 2

It was the result of the CatChaser pinning two balloons and part of one of the eight talks held at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg. A lot of interesting projects and concepts where presented. They made a video of the talks which will be available soon.

One of the intended presenters wasn’t available. They asked me to talk – as substitute – about MetamodelDoc. As I had prepared my slides for the DemoCamp in Berlin already – I agreed. The slides are – of course – available.


After the event in Hamburg the event in Berlin was a success too. There are a lot of interesting projects. One of them – ObjectTeams – I will give a try. It could be described as sophisticated and object oriented AspectJ with dynamic binding (well – ehm …, the language constructs are not the same) and it integrates very nicely into the JDT environment (by replacing the JDT-core plugin :-/). An interesting feature is – you could de-/activate an aspect (it is called Team here) during the lifetime of an object and on a per object basis.


Cloning is so easy if you know what to do.
# xrandr -q
returns with a list of screens, the connected outputs and available modes. For me LVDS is the internal LCD display and VGA-0 the external output. Using this information
# xrandr --output VGA-0 --same-as LVDS
# xrandr --output VGA-0 --auto

is all I have to do to enable my secondary monitor output within linux. All the xorg.conf editing stuff is useless – xrandr just worked.

I wanted to enable xinerama but my XServer crashed when enabled…

Information R/evolution

You may have seen the two videos from an earlier post. I’ve found another very nice video about Folksonomy and Taxonomy.

God wrote in LISP

It is the first time that I am blogging about music but you must admit that it is also very seldom to hear something like the Eternal Flame aka “God wrote in LISP” (Written by Bob Kanefsky, parodying “God Lives on Terra” and performed by Julia Ecklar) as suggested by Markus Voelter.

There are some other nice songs like one about PGP and one about the Technical Support which are also a must for “freaks”.

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