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The early bird catched the duck

After preparing a duck on Thursday for eating this evening – I found the tinfoil packet completely frazzled and “distributed” on our balcony. We have put it outside because our fridge is to small and it’s cold enough there. The picture shows what was left…

frazzled duck

let’s play poker

I found a poky poker machine (made by Impera) in a shop window. I had to poke it into my blog …

impera poker machine

As it is a special offer you will get it for 295 € only.

This is the proof that

is still

impera generations ahead.
the logo is captured from the Impera web site.


I’m sorry, but the following cite is not translatable …

… da hat der Edmund Stoiber gut daran getan, das er sich aus Berlin substrahiert hat …

said in “quer” in 3sat at 12:23. I think it was the best decision he had made for Germany.

Big Apple in Berlin

I found a “Big Apple” on a fence in Berlin Pankow. Please impress yourself…

Big Apple

And the Winner is…

The Big Brother Awards are regularly awarded to persons or organisations massively disturbing the rights of every citizen.

For the year 2005 the winners are:

I wish a happy spying…

Certified LPI Level 1

Today I’ve got an email from the LPI Institute regarding my recently written test 102 containing the information that I have passed the certification process for level 1.

analog webpage

When you have spare time and decide to do something with a book (That’s like an analog webpage, for the neuronauts among us), how often do you turn to a computer related book? How often has it happened in the last year?
(Slashdot | Java Puzzlers)

It’s a nice explanation the word “book”. – But what do people who need this description with-out a computer. They may need a description for the word analog too. For convenience – this is provided here.

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