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Six degrees is dead – long live DBpedia

I’ve just listened to a talk about the DBpedia Relationship Finder and ask myself whether the project Six degrees of Wikipedia is still active. It’s a pitty – it is not (… at least the links server). The algorithm is not the same but it does a good job. Six degrees evaluates the every link in the page and creates an untyped association while DBpedia evaluates only the infoboxes in the sites and gathers also information about the association type (e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach and died in Leipzig).

The combination would be more interesting – to have more information – using all links – than DBpedia and to have better information quality – using the info boxes – than Six degrees.

Fotomarathon 2007

For all those who like the well known Fotomarathon – I’ve put our photo set from yesterday into a flickr album.

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