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“shaking hands” or “success story”

I got my telephone working. What a story. They managed it to send a service engineer who replaced the wall socket.

Congratulations to ewt!

“seperated hands” or “un-success story”

It’s about one month ago since I’ve read a flyer on the pinwall in the entrance of our house saying that the cable tv provider will change on the 10th of August. They made also an offer to use a telephone line and internet over this cable. After my Holiday (which was very nice (except for the loss of my jacket from my bycycle carrier)) I’ve made a contract to switch to the new provider with a seemless switch for the telephone line. Some days later was another flyer on the pinwall telling me that the provider switch will happen on the 31th August. Oh what a Happening – a service techniker told me that they need more than a week to switch. In the meantime my previos telephone provider just cut of my telephone line. I will get my telephone back when a new “multimedia plug” gets installed in my flat on the 13th of September – hopefully.

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