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Find the error in a picture taken from a 7-year old child who has the down syndrome while taking part in a local Special Olympics event. There is nothing wrong. The child just had some fun and a great day. Facebook said the picture (or merely the whole album) violates against the Facebook terms and has blocked the child mothers account. (In the meantime Facebook apologized this step.)

This story is just one of uncountable more ones and so I feel vindicated about not being at Facebook.

It reminds me on Pakistan having a word list to block Internet sites on mobile devices. It includes mostly sexual offending words but also some like “Budweiser”, “Jesus Christ”, “deposit”, “idiot” and “stupid”. Because it is a black list it is allowed to write the same word in any other language or to use other words representing a similar meaning. This is silly, asinine,… (You guess it… These words are not on the list… Shall I proceed?) As I have used some bad words words already – this page will not be accessible from Pakistan. D@mn Sh1t!

I am sorry for the offending words used in this text…

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