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The right-footed striker used his left foot – but missed and hit the wall just above the gate.

modern still life

six degrees of facebook

After six degrees of separation, six degrees of wikipedia there is an project working on the relationships of facebook… guess it’s name … “six degrees of” … no – sorry – it is called The Anatomy of the Facebook Social Graph (see also here) – but the idea is the same. Interesting is that the hop distance tends to fall over the years as network grows.

Hop distance
(image captured / embedded from here)

in a blocked state abroad from india

While driving through Austria we got blocked by …

Cows on the street

Well – at least some them have recognized our intent – otherwise I would not have been able to write this.

three planets

If all people would live on earth as much as the Germans, we would need the resources of three planets.

Said in the German broadcast Monitor (07.01.2010).

Germans take much resources — and there are other countries “outperforming” us. Nevertheless every well situated people have to make at least one short step towards a sustainable life.

We are the World!

Software engineers vs. the Universe

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.

Said by Rich Cook.

global warming bug tracker

Alexander found a BBC news about how bad skilled programmers can cause global warming. Obviously we need a global warming bug tracker!

The Microsoft way of …

… handling mysterious error messages:

  1. Delete the object being the root of your problem and…
  2. Create a new object having the same properties like the previosly deleted one.

The art of skew house building

It is quite impressive how people build houses in a big city in germany…

© by Google Maps

highly compressed irrelevance

A typical “tweet” is highly compressed irrelevance – 140 characters the world don’t need but served in real time.

(freely translated from German)
by Ulf J. Froitzheim in Technology Review, 3/2009, P. 86

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