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Do you see the difference?

Do you see the difference between the following two pictures?

Pict 1 Pict 2

It was the result of the CatChaser pinning two balloons and part of one of the eight talks held at the Eclipse DemoCamp in Hamburg. A lot of interesting projects and concepts where presented. They made a video of the talks which will be available soon.

One of the intended presenters wasn’t available. They asked me to talk – as substitute – about MetamodelDoc. As I had prepared my slides for the DemoCamp in Berlin already – I agreed. The slides are – of course – available.


After the event in Hamburg the event in Berlin was a success too. There are a lot of interesting projects. One of them – ObjectTeams – I will give a try. It could be described as sophisticated and object oriented AspectJ with dynamic binding (well – ehm …, the language constructs are not the same) and it integrates very nicely into the JDT environment (by replacing the JDT-core plugin :-/). An interesting feature is – you could de-/activate an aspect (it is called Team here) during the lifetime of an object and on a per object basis.

camping in the shade of the solar eclipse

As you may have noticed – there was no Eclipse DemoCamp campsite available in the eastern part of Germany. After some discussion – there will be a “newthinking store”-campsite in Berlin on the 19th December starting at about 18:00.

I am currently writing an oAW-based documentation generator for Metamodels called “metamodeldoc“. Currently only Ecore based Metamodels are supported but UML is planned too. As an example I’ve generated a documentation for the Ecore Meta(meta)model which is also a model instance of it self and placed it at

At the Democamp I want to talk about some internals of metamodeldoc.
If you are interested in Metaprogramming and all the other cool stuff… just append your name to the
end of the list of Attendees (or even Presenters) at

You will need an to add your self to the list. Don’t want to register? (it doesn’t hurt!) Just leave a comment and I will add you to the list.

Is there anybody out there …

who likes to organize an Eclipse DemoCamp in the eastern part of Germany (preferably in Berlin or Leipzig)?

From: Lynn Gayowski
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 4:16 AM
To: Enrico Schnepel
Subject: FW: demo camp

Hi Enrico!

Eclipse DemoCamps are being organized locally by committers and member companies. We haven’t had any volunteers for eastern Germany yet.

Here are the guidelines for organizing a DemoCamp: If there are any committers or members that would like to help, we’d be happy to support the event.

Lynn Gayowski
Marketing Events Manager
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

—–Original Message—–

From: Enrico Schnepel
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 5:39 AM
To: news (at) eclipse (dot) org
Subject: demo camp


I would like to attend to a demo camp ( but they are only located in the western part of Germany (counting four) and none is in the eastern part of Germany. Is it possible to make a fifth demo camp within Germany e.g. in Berlin or Leipzig?


Enrico Schnepel

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